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Paklinski Otoci | Beaches, Hiking, and Yachting

Just off shore from Split, Paklinski Otoci is part of a chain of islands that is popular with the boating community. With only a small market and a handful of high end restaurants, it’s an ideal stop for sea farers looking for a quiet place to moor, or spend an afternoon getting drinks on the beach. Once our sailboat was docked, we set off on foot to find a private cove to ourselves to enjoy the golden hour.

An Afternoon in a Secluded Cove on Otok Šćedro | Croatia

It was the last full day of our 5 night sailing charter from Dubrovnik to Split and the normal itinerary would have taken us to the luxurious, party island of Hvar, but instead of spending our day on land, we wanted to take full advantage of having a boat at our disposal and go somewhere off the beaten path. We asked our skipper, Bartool, if we could go somewhere private and he brought us here, to Otok Šćedro, and for nearly 4 hours, we had this whole cove to ourselves.

Day Trip to Mostar | Bosnia & Herzegovina

I don't know if we quite knew what we were getting into heading into Bosnia & Herzegovina.  We had booked a day trip to Mostar from Dubrovnik through our Airbnb host, enchanted by the pictures we had seen of Mostar's famous bridge and teal river running underneath.  It looked like a fairytale, and as a photographer, I wanted to capture its beauty through my lens.  What I naively underestimated were the very real world scars etched into the landscape of this picturesque country, and what a profound impact the kindness and resilience of the people who lived through horrors would have on our time there. 

Hiking the Skyline Trail | Jasper National Park

“I have seen your toothbrush touch so many different surfaces,” my friend said as we divided up the remaining food into parcels to distribute the weight
between the packs. The face accompanying this statement was something I can only describe as amused disgust - brow furrowed, nostrils flared, but a slight, positive incline in the corners of the mouth. She was right. I am not one to protect my bristles on a 25-mile slog through rain, mist, hail, and wind.  And in grizzly bear country to boot.  Plus, I am not disillusioned in thinking that brushing plaque off my teeth makes my mouth actually clean; I have seen some gnarly infections originating from human bites.