All in Girls Trip

Cadence of Pain | Hiking the Trans Catalina Trail

As I sit down to write and reflect on my time along the Trans Catalina Trail, I can see my feet just past the top of my laptop screen.  One big toe is bright purple, pulsing as I type.  To be honest, the throbbing keeps me up at night.  Two other toes are raw pink, the top half of the skin on them literally fell off after the 360 degree blister bulbs on them burst and were subsequently ripped off (nails included).  When I got off the ferry in Avalon, I had no idea I was embarking on what I would come to refer to as the “cadence of pain”.  To be fair, bouts of laughter so intense they hurt my gut offset said cadence, but my cankles still need to return to being ankles so there’s time for healing.  

The Power of a Girls Trip | Big Sur

There is Sarah, the energetic blonde storyteller, a recent transplant from Florida.  There is Leslie, the soft spoken and sweet Madison grad.  There is Laura, the Bay Area native with a bubbly exterior, but an introverted interior.  And there is me, the married dreamer from Minnesota.  Together we make up a group of four women who work at the same company but who are still quite new to each other.  We’ve teamed up for a two night camping trip in Big Sur, California.