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Lodging Review | Surfjack Hotel & Swim Club

Lodging Review | Surfjack Hotel & Swim Club

Surfjack Swim Club Towels at Diamonhead Beach on Oahu




PRICE: Rooms start at $190 on Weekends 

(our room ended up being ~$300/night due to the timing of our stay + taxes and fees)


I had high expectations going into our arrival at the Surfjack.  I mean, have you seen that pool?!  And, from the beginning 'til the very end (even after we'd checked out), the Surfjack exceeded all my expectations.

Located a couple blocks inland from Waikiki beach, the Surfjack opened in 2016 after completely renovating the property that had been there since the 40s.  Their mid-century modern, beachy decor is perfection.  From the ceramic lamps, to curated quarterlies in the rooms, to the tile in the restaurant, bathrooms, and pool (oh the tile!), and the Roberta Oaks uniforms, each item blends perfectly into a laid-back, but sophisticated vibe, honoring local artists and designers whenever possible.  

A well designed hotel is one thing, but add to it impeccable and friendly customer service, and you have the ideal stay in our minds.  

We arrived straight from a shark dive on the North Shore, slightly sunburned and mostly disheveled.  We had to return our car later that day, so in addition to looking a bit wild, our arms were full of bags, floaties, noodles, and snacks.  In addition to this, we were early!  Our check-in wasn't scheduled for another two or three hours and the Surfjack was hosting a pageant that same day.  So while we looked like we came straight from camping at the beach for week, Honolulu's most beautiful were checking in for the pageant around us.  In sum, it wasn't our brightest moment, and we surely were not the ideal guests when we arrived at the front desk.

Channy (pronounced "Cheney, like Dick Cheney") welcomed us regardless, and to her credit, didn't give a second look to our shabby appearances and overpacking.  Instead, she gave us drink tickets!  Since we wouldn't be able to use the pool until the pageant was over, she encouraged us to enjoy a beverage on the house and offered us a room that was ready.  However, she told us, our room was better than the one that was available (it was on the 8th floor, overlooking the pool) and would be ready in 30 minutes if we didn't mind waiting a little bit.  We had not problem waiting since we were the one who had arrived early and decided to grab a drink and admire the pageant attendees and organizers until our room was ready.

While this was the first example of exemplary customer service we experienced at the Surfjack, it ended up being the norm.  When we had drinks and food at the pool, the bartender practically read our minds for when we were ready to order something else; when we arrived late into the night after some dancing, the patient front desk manager chatted with us and offered a hospitality suite for me the next day since my plane didn't leave until 10:00pm; when we asked about the wonderful fragrance that you smell at the Surfjack, the person at the front desk told us about the woman who created the scent and how she stops by the hotel about every other week, always with a story.

I think what stood out so much is that not only was the service on point, but it was friendly and unpretentious.  We truly felt like welcomed guests and enjoyed all of our interactions with the people working there.  We can't wait to return.  In the meantime, check it out for yourself!

Other good things to know

  • Wifi: Yep
  • Air Conditioning: Yes! But make sure your balcony door is fully closed, otherwise it will turn off automatically.
  • Restaurant: Mahina & Suns is a destination in and of itself - we ate here multiple times during our stay and it was fabulous!
  • Bonuses: Free bike rentals for guests.  A hospitality suite if your flight leaves hours after your checkout.  Cool events throughout the week like live DJs, tastings from local breweries, yoga + surf lessons, etc.
  • Floaties are encouraged :)
Surfjack Lodging Review | Waikiki, Oahu, Hawaii
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