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A Stop Over in Flam | Norway

A Stop Over in Flam | Norway

Flamsbrygga Railway line from Myrdal to Flam

There is a small town at the mouth of the Aurlandsfjord in Norway called Flam.  Each summer it swells with tourists as they make their way from Oslo to Bergen on the popular Norway in a Nutshell tour.  

If you find yourself in Flam, here are a few places to stop while you're in town.  

Insider Tip: We recommend over nighting in nearby Aurland to distance yourself from the crowds, but Flam still has some notable spots for a few hour stopover.  

3 Places to Visit While in Flam, Norway

Ægir BrewPub in the Flamsbrygga Hotell

Cozy up around the fire at Aegir BrewPub with a flight of their craft beers and a hearty appetizer.  Or, for a beverage fitting the surroundings, enjoy a Tors Hammer Barleywine.  Animal pelts drape over chairs and carved wooden dragons top pillars in this Norse mythology inspired building.  The wooden shingled exterior was built to look like a historic stave church, and is an impressive architectural feature in the small town of Flam.

Flåm Bakeri

A cute bakery in a marigold yellow building serves up warm breads, pies, and pastries amidst modern Scandinavian decor.

Coop Marked | the only grocery store in Flam

We recommend staying at the neighboring town of Aurland at 2|92 Aurland, which offers lodging with a kitchen.  To help save some money (Norway is quite pricey!), we recommend making a few meals at home while in Aurland and stocking up on groceries while in Flam.

Insider Tip: You cannot buy wine at grocery stores, only beer or cider with less than 4.7% ABV.  Also, beer and cider can only be purchased at grocery stores before 8pm on weekdays, before 6pm on Saturdays and not at all on Sundays.

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Beyond Ordinary Guides' Stop Over in Flam, Norway
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