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The Power of a Girls Trip | Big Sur

There is Sarah, the energetic blonde storyteller, a recent transplant from Florida.  There is Leslie, the soft spoken and sweet Madison grad.  There is Laura, the Bay Area native with a bubbly exterior, but an introverted interior.  And there is me, the married dreamer from Minnesota.  Together we make up a group of four women who work at the same company but who are still quite new to each other.  We’ve teamed up for a two night camping trip in Big Sur, California.

Camping in Big Sur | California

I had seen pictures of the Big Sur coastline before and thought that was the big draw to the area.  To be sure, it is, but what was fantastically unexpected was that Highway 1 takes you along sheer winding cliffs one minute and then through deep redwood forest the next.  Little Mom & Pop gas stations, dark wood cabin style inns, and general stores show up every 1/2 mile.  It feels slightly Route 66 - a highway passing through a classic tourist town, the way touristing used to be.