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The Power of a Girls Trip | Big Sur

There is Sarah, the energetic blonde storyteller, a recent transplant from Florida.  There is Leslie, the soft spoken and sweet Madison grad.  There is Laura, the Bay Area native with a bubbly exterior, but an introverted interior.  And there is me, the married dreamer from Minnesota.  Together we make up a group of four women who work at the same company but who are still quite new to each other.  We’ve teamed up for a two night camping trip in Big Sur, California.

Hog Island Oyster Co. | California

Cars line the street, letting you know that you are close to your destination before any buildings come into view.  Gravel made from oyster shells paves the parking lot.  A wood paneled beige building with smokey blue trim and a "Live to Shuck" sign in front of it greets guests as they arrive.  You get the feeling you've stumbled into a hidden small town hangout, even though Hog Island is well known in the Bay area.  Employees go about their work in their Carhartt jackets and thigh high waders.  The place hums with steady movement.

California Academy of Sciences | San Francisco

I’m always on the lookout for cool, free things to do in the city.  I mean, who isn’t? So when I discovered Neighborhood Days at the California Academy of Sciences, I couldn’t have been more thrilled.  Neighborhood Days provides free entrance to the California Academy of Sciences for people who live in a certain San Francisco zip code on certain days of the year.  No matter your feelings about corporations, a big “thank you!” to Target for sponsoring these free days at the Academy.  General Admission on a normal day is $35 per person, making it quite the savings.