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Guide to the Bombay "Burbs" | Juhu Beach & Bandra

Guide to the Bombay "Burbs" | Juhu Beach & Bandra

It's hard to believe that two neighborhoods so jam packed with people and buildings could be considered suburbs, but such is the case in Mumbai with Juhu Beach and Bandra. While technically still a part of Mumbai, or Bombay, as the locals call it, Juhu and Bandra are anywhere from an hour or an hour and a half from "Town" even though Town lies only seven miles south.  You can blame that on Indian traffic.  Regardless of distance, time is really what separates these neighborhoods from being considered part of downtown.  So if a visit to a friend finds you in the burbs, it's best to blossom where you're planted and enjoy the shops and restaurants of these northern suburbs.  

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Where to Shop

A trip to India wouldn't be complete without exploring the fabulous shops.  The unique textiles, housewares, paper, and jewelry that you can purchase only in India make for perfect souvenirs - a token of your visit, but beautifully made items you'll actually use in your everyday life and cherish for years.

Amrapali | Juhu Beach

A beautiful shop featuring both fine & costume jewelry in traditional Indian, Art Deco, and modern Indian styles.  Prices are set unless you're buying multiple pieces, so stock up and splurge to save.

Label Ritu Kumar, Anita Dongre, and Masaba | Juhu Tara Road, Juhu Beach

These are the perfect boutiques if you love the richness and color of Indian clothing, but want something that will look just as much at home in the west as it does in the east.  Their styles are Indo Western/modern Indian and we always find a slew of unique pieces to bring home with us.

Good Earth | Juhu Beach

A favorite for home goods, Good Earth ethically sources locally made housewares.  Think porcelain, pillows, kantha quilts, and decor.

Fab India | Juhu Beach 

This is the place to head for cotton tunics, block printed scarves, and gold plated jewelry.  A little more down to earth and traditional than the Indo Western stores above, but always a must visit.  The larger flagship store in Town is multi story and includes home wares too.

Kama Ayurveda | Juhu Beach

Next door to Ritu Kumar is Kama Ayurveda where you can treat yo' self to beautifully packaged sandalwood and mint bath salts, fancy soaps, or all natural skin care.

How Building Walls Get Painted in India

Where to Eat

Pali Village Cafe | Bandra

With a facade made entirely of vintage iron & glass windows, Pali Village Cafe evokes old world charm inside and out.  Patina-ed concrete interior walls, worn dark wood tables and chairs, patterned concrete tiled floors, crystal chandelier adorned ceilings, and potted plants throughout creates the perfect blend of old and new.  Their Italian inspired fare compliments the atmosphere and french music usually plays softly in the background to complete the experience.

Myxx | Juhu Beach

Whether it's cool enough to hang out on the outdoor patio, or the warmth brings you inside the air conditioning, you could spend hours at Myxx tapas bar.  Surprising and inventive selections accompanied by a good drink selection and chic decor.

Gajalee | Juhu Beach

When your waiter comes to take your order at Gajalee, he'll be accompanied by someone carrying the recently caught seafood selections on a platter and a live crab in his other hand.  People come here for the seafood (not the atmosphere) and it lives up to the hype!

Insider Tip: While Juhu Beach is technically a beach, it's not a swimming beach.  Sewage flows directly into the ocean here so the beach is best enjoyed as a workout location, spot for sunrise and sunsets, or flying a kite.

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Guide to the Bombay Burbs | Beyond Ordinary Guides
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