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Tidbits from the Seychelles

I'm sitting beneath a fig tree, on my belly, looking up at a somewhat run down tropical home.  The wind is strong, blowing away any bugs and the occasional towel, but the sea remains calm.  We're at Port Luanay, on the northern coast of Mahe, the largest island of the 115 that make up the Seychelles.

A Guide to the North Shore Oahu | Hawaii

You’ll want to roll down the windows of your rental car as soon as you turn out of the Honolulu International Airport to take in the ocean breeze. You immediately know you are in tropical paradise. While there are a variety of routes you could take to reach the North Shore, the hour long drive should not be rushed. Kamehameha Highway could be a destination in itself, with the ocean waves breaking over the road in some parts, and the Ko’olau mountain range impressively overlooking the road on the other side. As soon as you arrive, reach for your towel and head to the nearest beach, and you will feel yourself slowly relaxing to the pace of the island.