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The Flancesca Chronicles Part V | Tanzania

Hello all,

I have finally managed to get some photos to the internet cafe to prove that me and the people in my e-mails do, in fact, exist. Here is what they entail:

1. Here I am giving a puzzle to Mariana's orphans that my mother had sent.  They have never seen a puzzle before so I had to explain it to them while my legs were being crushed by excited children. 

2. Here is a photo of two girls, two of Mariana's children, the taller one being Martha.  She is the cute, dyslexic girl that I love so much.

3. Here is a picture of Libby and me in our fabulous dresses.  Please notice the shoulder pads as well as the awkward decour of the common room in the house that we stay at.  

4. Libby doing laundry by hand and having a beer.  A routine we thouroughly enjoy.

5. Me with all of my malaria meds and a soda.

Just a quick note: It is popular in Tanzanian culture to NOT smile for a photo.  I don't know why, but it doesn't mean they are not happy during it's taking.



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