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Epitome of Quaint | A Day at Muir Beach & The Pelican Inn

Epitome of Quaint | A Day at Muir Beach & The Pelican Inn

Forty five minutes north of San Francisco lies Muir Beach, a small cove tucked between two rocky cliffs, perfect for a short hike or relaxing on the sand.  Just outside of the public parking area of Muir Beach is Pelican Inn, a 16th century styled English Inn, complete with pub serving cold brews and oysters from Tomales Bay.  Named after Sir Francis Drake's ship, the "Pelican", that grounded on Muir Beach over 400 years ago, the Inn transports visitors back in time.  On the day we visited, picnicking visitors sat on the lawn, talking to strangers and enjoying the live guitar playing of a fellow traveler. 

Such is the vibe at Pelican Inn that we played darts against a surfer mom, her five year old, and two twenty somethings from Colorado.  

Plan your stay:

Pelican Inn | 10 Pacific Way, Muir Beach, California 94965 | 415.383.6000

Rooms are $215 - $305/night based on size.

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