Most things worth doing require a little B.O.

We're not budget travelers and we're not luxury travelers either.  We appreciate good design, but don't like breaking the bank.  We need fresh air, but we also love good food.  We are equally happy in a tent or a well curated boutique hotel, but don't want to have to choose to stay in only one or the other.  We tell stories and create guides for people who likes a healthy mix of nature & bougie.

Seven years ago founder Kristin O'Connell starting dreaming up a digital magazine, a source for travel inspiration with gorgeous imagery, accessible price points and a fresh take on travel journalism.  Different points of view, practical advice, funny stories and guides that actually spoke to savvy, stylish young professionals with a penchant for the outdoors.

It wasn't until five years later, after thinking and thinking about what B.O. could be, that Beyond Ordinary was finally born in the fall of 2014.  One of the those life events that rocks you to the core happened and a combination of "now or never" and "I need a creative outlet for stress relief" finally brought B.O. to life.  We started small, with only an Instagram account, and have grown from there.  Thank you for following along.  Onward and upward!