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12 Things to Do in the Presidio | San Francisco

While many San Franciscans know of the Presidio and have enjoyed its beauty, they may not know that the most visited U.S. National Park lies in their city limits.  Thanks to its location in America’s 13th largest city, the Presidio sees more visitors than any other National Park in the country and offers a plethora of sights and activities that keeps visitors coming back for more.  Below are some of our favorite Presidio experiences.

Costa Rica Prep: Yoga

On Friday we leave for Costa Rica.  I’m looking forward to finding pura vida through massage, hot springs, yoga and surfing.  My expectation is that any cellulite I might currently have from crawling the craft brewery scene on weekends (and the occasional weeknight) will magically disappear through a lack of stress and daily fresh juices.  To prep for my new zenned out lifestyle, I started going to yoga...

All Accepted Here | Dolores Park

"Hey, are you going to be here awhile?  Do you mind watching my stuff for a bit?" A shirtless man with an ornate cross tattoo on his lower back asks us.

We look to our left at his stuff.  A homemade table made out of 6 empty beer bottles held together by red duct tape, a wheel-less skateboard as the table top.  Jars of jelly and peanut butter are perched on top.  An empty coconut is jimmied under on the of the skateboard lips, presumably for better stability.  A VHS of a Giants World Series win leans against the table base.

Camping in Big Sur | California

I had seen pictures of the Big Sur coastline before and thought that was the big draw to the area.  To be sure, it is, but what was fantastically unexpected was that Highway 1 takes you along sheer winding cliffs one minute and then through deep redwood forest the next.  Little Mom & Pop gas stations, dark wood cabin style inns, and general stores show up every 1/2 mile.  It feels slightly Route 66 - a highway passing through a classic tourist town, the way touristing used to be.